Zoo Negara Volunteer Works..Second Session

In the name of ALLAH the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful...

Yesterday 12/11/11 i had another volunteer session at Zoo Negara... It was awesome.. As always i went there with my beloved junior from UiTM, Zahidah.....

We were responsible to clean up the giraffe and elephant cage...There were 5 of us in my group... Zahidah and 3 other member cleaned up the elephant cage while me and the zoo keeper in-charge clean the giraffe cage.. Its not easy to sweep a giraffe cage when they keep running here and there... but in my mind, what i'm worried is not how dirty the cage was...but worried that i'm gonna be kick by those long legs..hhahaha

Elephant bath time!!! Give bath to 2 elephant...it's amazing!!!!!! i never touch elephant skins before....Its great!!...

In the evening me and zahidah got the opportunity to give those giraffe their meal by our own hand...They will try to take the food using their tongue...and how they lick our hand....its really2 unforgettable memories...seriously.....we also give a 6 month baby elephant milk in a bottle to drink...its lost her mommy....How sad isn't it??

Here a few photo taken during my volunteer works....

With CBOL Female Elephant

SITI and CBOL...Bath time!! 
Meal time!!!

SINARAN-6 month Baby Elephant

Milk feeding time!!

Its pretty tired.....but FUN!!!!!! can't wait for next session wonder which cage i'll clean next....(~_~)
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