Zoo Negara Volunteer Works..

So, this gonna be my first post on my new blog...i had closed my previous blog and move to here...

hmm...so the first entry is about my volunteer work at zoo negara on 17th september 2011.. i can say that its actually my first time involved with this kind of things...hehehe...so thanks to my dearest UiTM's junior zahidah for introducing me with the most exciting activity in my life.....

I did learned how the zoo keeper managed their works and animals, their experiences,  and unforgettable things is that, this is my first time ever clean up  african's lion cage, play with Mr 'Tapir', touch the lions and leopard... Its Great!!!!!! never imaging that i get a chance meet eye to eye with a lion....Amazing!!. Thanx to Abg Man, zoo keeper in charge for our group

So here are some picture that i would like to share with all of you... do join this program...it really2 great!! can't wait for my next session.... u can be volunteer here...

Anuya - Puma species

Manja - A Leopard

Tuah - My Mr. 'Tapir'

Kani - The king of jungle

Ella - I can say Quuen of Jungle may be (^_^)

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