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In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

It's been such a while since i update my blog. So i'm gonna talk about TPM UiTM a.k.a Tenaga Pengajar Muda UiTM...For those who interested in becoming lecturer in the future you can try apply it through UiTM website. Just wait for the advertisement on end or early of year.

Alhamdulillah ( Praise be to ALLAH)... I got this scholarship to pursue my Master Degree in local university for Distributed and Mobile Computing course. At first i apply for the same course to study outside the country. Its been my dream for a very long time. But i believe ALLAH knows the best. This is what HE plan for me.

If i'm not mistaken, the application for TPM scholarship opened in February 2011, so i took the opportunity to try my luck and Alhamdulillah (Praise be to ALLAH), UiTM called me for an interview in April 2011. The interview was conducted by respective faculty member, as for me Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Science. All the candidates need to do mock teaching in front of at least 4 panel. At first i thought its gonna be very tough, but its actually very fun because i knew all the lecturers. We have a short interview than about 1 minutes mock teaching (because they said my voice is already loud enough..no need to be tested..(!~_~)..)

Here a few questions that they asked :
  1. Tell me about yourself (standard question)
  2. How's your working experience
  3. Why you choose the TPM scheme?
  4. I believe you been paid high enough in your current work, why choose lecturing then?
  5. Which country you plan to got if get chance to study outside?
The interview actually turn out to be a chit chat session..hahhaha..

The result of the interview come out in September.. a very long time to wait and require a lot of patient. hehheh... i almost give up!!!! For the candidates, DO NOT  expect they gonna sent you any email or phone call  to inform you either you success or not. They will send letter to your correspondence address for successful candidates ONLY. so just wait..wait ...and wait...

After you receive official letter, there's bundle of form need to be fill in...at the same time do take your IELTS test.. TPM holder are require to have at least band 5 no matter you study oversea or in local.. But the most important part is search for your University immediately. The TPM offer valid for 1 year..

As for me, currently i'm waiting for reply from UKM upon my admission application. I decide to do by research and already propose a supervisor. Hope that UKM will do reply me with a good answer. Good luck to all successful candidates in your university hunting process.

*Receives my IELTS result today!! Next time i'm gonna write a bout IELTS exam..
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  1. Thank you. It helps me a lot.

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